“Grow Your Business
By Cutting Your Clients’ Taxes”

TaxCoach gives your clients a plan for paying less tax. Legally! And that gives you:

  • More clients
  • More billings
  • More referrals
  • More satisfaction

Imagine filling your office with satisfied clients, happy to pay premium fees, and eager to refer you to friends and family.

AICPA surveys reveal what clients want most is proactive solutions to their problems.

TaxCoach gives your clients a proactive solution for their biggest problem of all — their income tax bill. Now you can give them what they really want. (Savings!)

And TaxCoach gives you more than just tax planning software. TaxCoach gives you a complete business development system. You get a comprehensive Marketing Guide, marketing tools and templates, seminar presentation kits, weekly member call-ins, and even “TaxCoach University” classes for making the most of your membership.

TaxCoach gives you the tools to differentiate yourself from your competition, no matter where your business stands:

  • If you’re looking to ramp up a new practice, TaxCoach gives you a complete “business in a box” to attract clients and generate immediate income, without expensive advertising, direct mail, or telemarketing programs.

  • If you’re looking to reinforce your value to your current clients, you’ll find tools and templates to continually remind them how much you add to their bottom line.

  • If you’re looking to reinvent your practice, TaxCoach gives you a system for replacing low-fee 1040 clients with higher-value clients who will appreciate your skills as a trusted business advisor.

Look — If you’re satisfied with the seasonal grind, happy to watch your business grow through chance and circumstance, then put down this letter. Pick up a magazine or turn on Dancing with the Stars. We won’t be offended. Our system isn’t for everyone.

But if you want more from your practice — like a year-round stream of happy, satisfied clients, eager to pay premium fees, enthusiastic to refer friends, family, and associates, then read on. This information may change the way you look at your business.

“I consider TaxCoach™ to be the atomic bomb of tax service marketing, and would pay a premium to keep it out of the hands of my competition.”
Alex W. Miller, CPA, CMA
Columbus, OH

“This is an awesome tool for any CPA looking to provide ‘full tax planning service’ to their clients!”
Tracy A. Guarino, CPA
Nashville, TN

“…the reports are stunning in their presentation quality. The layout and format are made for quick and easy reference, and even the most financially illiterate client will find value. Any firm would be proud to present the report which includes, if set up, the firm logo, practitioner photo and bio, a clear and concise table of contents, and up to 111 different ‘strategy modules.'”
Greg LaFollette, Executive Editor,
CPA Technology Advisor

“Your concepts, advice, and the weekly Briefs make TaxCoach an excellent investment.”
Irwin A. Rozen, EA, ATA
Skokie, IL

What does it take to build a successful tax practice?

My name is Ed Lyon. I’ve written four books on tax and financial planning. I’ve appeared on over 300 television, radio, and internet broadcasts, including CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and even Roseanne Barr’s short-lived talk show.

Back in 2001, I created my “Instant Tax Relief” product to sell at seminars.

Then I realized I could customize that report for my personal clients – take that generic text, pick and choose which strategies to present, and drop each client’s name (along with my own!) at the bottom of each page.

As crude as those first plans looked, clients loved them. No one had ever seen anything like it. Finally, a plan to beat the IRS. Legally!

In 2002, I prepared a plan for my friend and neighbor, Keith VandeStadt. Keith is a CPA and financial systems consultant who started at Price Waterhouse before leaving to practice on his own. He’s implemented systems for clients like Procter & Gamble, Owens-Illinois, and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

I restructured his business to simplify his accounting, implemented a medical expense reimbursement plan, and showed him how to shift some of his personal expenses to his business return. Basically, the plan saved him a small fortune.

So when it came time to develop the TaxCoach system, Keith was a natural partner. He had seen it work himself, and he knew how to create the tool to let you make it work for your clients.

Keith and I polished the system to make you look good, and in 2005, we launched. Since then, over 2,000 of you have joined us to give your clients the proactive planning that makes you heroes. I’ve consulted personally with hundreds of you, and listened as you’ve told me how to fine-tune the system for real-world results.

Now, TaxCoach has grown way beyond just “tax planning software.” It’s become a complete tax-planning and practice-development system, with hundreds of individual tools. We’ve created a national community, and hosted over a dozen live events.

We know TaxCoach works because that’s what our members tell us. Read on to learn how you can put TaxCoach to work for you.

“I was surprised by the immediate value Tax Coach gave my business. But then your observations and insight during our consultation instantly gave me two ancillary businesses, and brought my thoughts to a new level. From just one of your ideas, I am projecting my net income rising to over $1,000,000 within the next 18 months. I cannot thank you enough for your time, thoughts and interest in my business.”
James M. Bowen, JD
Whitefish, MT

“I am guilty of not billing what I’m worth and am working on changing that. I appreciate you guys and the effort in giving us a tool that helps us stand out in the tax world.”
Jack A. Heil, CPA, PFS
Charlotte, NC

“Your software is excellent, and the ideas and presentation are exactly what you said they would be. It helps a tax planner focus on the issues, and it helps organize a discussion with the client. It made me aware that the salesmanship in confidently offering tax planning can yield more than a tax prep fee. I thank you for that awareness.”
Reginald Sansaricq, EA
Boca Raton, FL

“Your content and plan for getting clients in the door are very good. The client letters are excellent. The presentations are excellent. The 30 Days To 30 Clients program is excellent….I am sure there are many exciting changes ahead. Thanks again!”
Mark Allen, EA
Cameron Park, CA

TaxCoach Works for Your Clients

Clients don’t just want to file their taxes. They want to save taxes. That’s why H&R Block advertises their “Free Second Look,” for clients who don’t want to waste a single unnecessary tax dollar. That’s why TurboTax® ads feature a happy wife telling her husband “it found us another deduction.”

Most of us don’t offer the kind of proactive planning and advice our clients are dying for. Those of us who do, don’t communicate that value nearly as effectively as we should. That costs us fees and it costs us referrals.

I’ve spoken to more than 200 audiences in over 30 states across the country. The first thing I do is ask them to raise their hand if their tax pro has come to them and said “here’s an idea I think will save you money.” And it’s like asking a class of seventh-grade math students to volunteer to step up to the board. Maybe one in ten hands goes up – if that.

If your client is in the audience – and you haven’t actually saved him money – he may not be your client much longer!

I tell my audiences that the key to beating the IRS – legally – is planning. I don’t care how good you are with a stack of receipts on April 15. If your client didn’t know she could take bonus depreciation on her new Acura . . . if she didn’t know she could set up a medical expense reimbursement plan and write off her daughter’s braces as a business expense . . . if she didn’t know she could turbocharge her SEP contributions by switching to a solo 401(k) . . . there’s nothing you or any other tax preparer can do to help.

Real tax planning isn’t about record-keeping and receipts. It’s about introducing, explaining, and implementing strategies that help clients hold on to more of their hard-earned cash. And that, in turn, establishes your value, as a trusted advisor, not a commodity.

How fast can you grow your business if you deliver planning services your clients will pay premium fees for, and tout to their friends, families, and associates?

“I am so glad I signed on with you. I’ve given the planning report to 2 of my clients and they liked it. They said it was very comprehensive and easy to read and understand. I’m really happy with the software. It’s easy to use, and I really like being able to individualize the report to suit various clients.”
Kristie B. Kral, EA
Mahopac, NY

“Everyone I’ve handed the product to has said how impressed they are with the product and the volume of information. It’s simple for the client, and easy to generate a plan.”
Greg Younts
TaxSavers Tax and Financial Services, LLC
Kansas City, KS

“Just reviewing your TaxCoach content made me realize how many opportunities I could bring to my existing clients. Right now, I have a stack of 13 new corporations on my desk. I’ll be doing the bookkeeping and payroll for all those new businesses.”
James Fleming
Fleming Financial Solutions
Largo, MD

“You all are the greatest and I am looking forward to cranking up some tax planning business! I love the sample clients. Really big help for those of us who need to see what it looks like in finished form.”
Gayla Puckett, EA
Kernersville, NC

Deliver True Tax Planning

Traditional tax “planning” software doesn’t actually plan anything. It projects future tax liabilities in excruciating detail – usually far more detail than clients need or even appreciate. It leaves you the job of translating spreadsheets into concepts and strategies. And it’s obsolete every time Congress changes the law. Is it any wonder clients are confused?

“True tax planning” means giving your clients specific strategies – telling them what to do, how to do it, and when to do it – to cut their bottom-line tax bill.

But how do you introduce, explain, and implement those strategies? How do you choose the best strategies for each client? That’s where TaxCoach comes in.

TaxCoach is different. It starts with a simple three-page worksheet, which we developed over four years of testing, with check-the-box questions on their family and home, their business, and their investments.

It takes less than five minutes to enter your client’s information into the system. You can even do it without the client’s return. This means you can prepare a plan long before you ever prepare a return, regardless of which tax-prep software you use.

The software uses a proprietary artificial intelligence to choose from over 110 specific, proven tax-saving strategies, based on the answers to those questions. Then it packages those strategies into a tax plan report tailored to your client. (Of course, you can override and customize each report as you see fit.)

TaxCoach plans are not spreadsheets. They’re plain-English, narrative reports that show clients what the spreadsheets mean to them, without burying them in detail. The plans tell clients what to do to realize savings. (Of course you can always supplement TaxCoach plans with spreadsheet projections — but most clients will focus on the concepts and leave the details to you.)

“Mindy” Makes a $2,500 Mistake

Do you think your clients are happy with the informal tax planning they already get? Maybe you can make them even happier . . .

Back in 2006, I was surfing an Internet forum for small business owners and their advisors and found an accountant looking for ways to grow her year-round business. I’ll call her “Mindy” to avoid embarrassing her.

I emailed her, introduced myself, and suggested she take a look at TaxCoach.

“Mindy” emailed back a day later with a polite rejection. “We provide FREE tax planning to clients for whom we have prepared a return,” she wrote. “This is something we feel helps ‘set us apart’ from other tax firms.”

Just 23 days later, I welcomed a new referral into my office. She had driven 131 miles to see me at the recommendation of one of my current clients, who posted on the same forum where I found “Mindy.”

(Can you see where this story is going?)

Of course, it turned out that the new referral had used “Mindy” for years. Once I put two and two together, I told her about our email exchange. By that point, she wasn’t just a referral. She was a client.

My new client scoffed at the notion that “Mindy” had provided any real tax planning.

Oh . . . and before she left, she wrote me a personal check for $2,500. To prepare her plan using the same software “Mindy” had rejected. The same software you can use today.

Read on and learn what that software gives your clients . . .

A Clear and Relevant Plan

The plan starts with a clear, concise Executive Summary, with ballpark “Potential Savings” estimates. These first pages preview the most valuable strategies recommended in the plan. You can use the Summary as a discussion document, or, as a standalone deliverable, to introduce tax planning opportunities. You can even attach the Summary to a client’s 1040, to introduce planning services to your current clients.

The main report follows the Executive Summary. Depending on your clients’ circumstances, each tailored report consists of up to 115 modules. These strategies are proven – they’re the same ones I’ve used for years, generating client reactions from happiness all the way to downright astonishment at the savings.

Would your clients think you’re a hero if you showed them:

  • Eight ways to avoid the alternative minimum tax
  • The “S” Corporation strategy Senator John Edwards used to save $562,000 in self-employment tax
  • Income-splitting strategies to cut family tax bills
  • The 54-year old strategy that lets clients deduct family medical bills as business expenses
  • Special investments to reward clients with tax credits
  • Little-known depreciation strategies for real estate investors
  • How to deduct children’s “allowance”
  • Smart tax strategies for buying, owning, and selling mutual funds

Each strategy module is written in plain English. (In fact, an IRS Revenue Agent from the Small Business/Self-Employed Division who reviewed the system told me she wished I could write for them!)

Each module fits on a single page, with easy-to-understand examples, charts, tables, and graphics. Modules are fully sourced and footnoted to the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury regulations, and other appropriate sources. (Click on the Link below to see the complete list of strategy modules.)

[Modules List]

Each page is personalized for you and your client. And each plan includes a custom cover page, table of contents, and an “About the Planner” page you can customize with your photo, your logo, and your biography.

At this point you’re probably asking, “so what does a TaxCoach™ plan look like?” Click here to see a [Sample Plan]. This sample shows only a few modules; your actual plans will generally run 20-60 modules, depending on the client.

“My growth has been barely measurable. I’d started to lose hope. But after a single one-hour discussion with Ed, I feel invigorated, inspired and focused. I can be successful and I know that TaxCoach will show me how. Thank you for restoring my hope!”
Marc Adams
Teaneck, NJ

“TaxCoach has given my business the boost that it needed to increase revenue. My clients like it and use it to gain a better understanding of their tax saving strategies. That helps to promote my on-going relationship with them.”
Lisa Johnson, CPA
Spanish Fort, AL

TaxCoach™ Works for You

Now that you see what “true tax planning” means for your clients, let’s see what TaxCoach means for your business:

  • Justify Premium Fees: Like it or not, tax preparation is a commodity business. Clients can always find someone faster, cheaper, or more convenient. This makes it hard to justify premium fees.

    If your client thinks you and your competitor deliver the same service, you’re both “apples.” And apples-to-apples comparisons make it hard for you to charge more. But if your client sees you deliver more, now you’re not an apple. Now you’re an “orange.” Now you can use an apples-to-oranges comparison to set whatever fee you like.

    Who cares what your “competition” charges if they can’t actually compete? TaxCoach stacks the deck in your favor. It gives you the extra value you need to avoid those apples-to-apples comparisons.

  • Generate Year-Round Income: Traditional tax preparers don’t have much to offer outside “the season.” (Remember Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings? His amazing run ended when he couldn’t identify H&R Block as the company whose 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work just 4 months a year.) You can meet a new client in August and wait months to get paid for filing his return next April. It doesn’t matter how impressive you are if your job doesn’t start ’till the season. Or you can use TaxCoach . . . prepare a written plan for whatever fee you choose to charge . . . impress him enough to refer two more clients in time to pay for your Christmas vacation . . . and charge far more in April to implement his plan than you ever could to merely file his return! Why wait till April to get paid? Why risk losing him between now and then?

  • Boost Client Loyalty: TaxCoach clients know you’re not just dropping the “right” numbers into the right boxes on the right forms. TaxCoach clients know you’re working year-round to save them money, in all areas of their finances. That means better clients – loyal clients, willing to pay premium fees, not lured away by your competitor with the closer office, the cheaper price, or the longer hours. When a smart-aleck like me asks them if their tax guy has ever come to them and said “here’s an idea I think will save you money,” you’ll be bullet-proof.

  • Boost Referrals: TaxCoach clients save money – sometimes big money. That doesn’t just boost client loyalty. TaxCoach turns clients into raving fans, happy to refer you to friends, family, and colleagues. And clients generally refer “up”, which boosts your business even more.

Keep Your Clients Up-to-Date

It’s hard enough to keep up with tax changes yourself. But how can you keep your clients informed of the changes that affect them the most? And how can you turn that effort into a marketing advantage?

The TaxCoach “Client Alerts” do all the work for you. Let’s say that the IRS issues a new ruling on parents who employ their children in family-run businesses. TaxCoach scans your client database for clients affected by that ruling, and personalizes letters from you to them.

Just print, sign, and mail! In minutes, you’ve delivered important breaking news to your clients. And this is news they can really use – far more valuable than any canned newsletter.

Use Client Alerts to build loyalty, stimulate referrals, and generate additional planning engagements.

Business Development Bonuses

Your TaxCoach membership includes six bonus business development tools virtually guaranteed to grow your business using the system:

Bonus #1: Marketing Guide

You don’t have to be a “salesman” to sell tax savings. You just need the right tools.

The TaxCoach Marketing Guide is a complete tax-planning “business-in-a-box.” It walks you step-by-step through how to put TaxCoach™ to work for you, growing your business. You’ll learn all the tips, tricks and pitfalls – but without all the trial and error:

  • How to charge premium fees — and make them stick (less than one percent of your competitors understand this strategy!)
  • How to establish valuable professional alliances
  • The single most powerful question for generating new clients
  • Pricing lessons from WalMart (not what you think!)
  • How to target lucrative niche markets (build your reputation and watch referrals come pouring in)
  • How to establish your value as you interview new prospects

The Guide also includes:

  • “endorsed mailing” kit,
  • target marketing strategies,
  • fee-setting guidelines,
  • approach letters,
  • follow-up letters,
  • engagement letters.

It’s all done for you.

Bonus #2: Forms & Templates

TaxCoach includes template forms in Microsoft Word® that clients can customize to implement your recommendations. These include:

  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Medical expense reimbursement plan
  • Education assistance plan
  • Charitable trust templates

TaxCoach also gives you Implementation Guides – step-by-step tasklists for putting TaxCoach strategies into action.

Bonus #3: “30 Days to 30 Clients”

You wouldn’t start a new business without a business plan, would you? (Would you?) The TaxCoach “30 Days to 30 Clients” plan gives you a turn-by-turn road map for delivering 30 planning consultations in 30 days. You can offer free plans to attract new clients. Or you can charge whatever fee you like to quickly ramp up revenues.

Bonus #4: Seminar Kits

You don’t have to be Tony Robbins to deliver successful seminars. You just need the right presentation.

TaxCoach seminar kits are complete “seminars-in-a-box.” The collection includes customizable kits for small business owners, portfolio holders, real estate investors, and retirees. There’s also a “networking” presentation designed for introducing yourself at local gatherings. There’s even a “Tax Outlook” presentation for audiences curious about the various tax proposals they hear about in the news.

Each kit includes a customizable PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s script, handouts, and invitations. You’ll also find a Seminar Success Guide with handy tips for promoting your appearance, delivering your presentation, and converting guests into clients.

You could pay up to $1,000 for a single seminar kit. Or you can access them all, for free, as part of your TaxCoach™ subscription.

Bonus #5: Weekly Member Call-In

We host a call-in webinar for all TaxCoach members, most Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern. Keith and I, along with occasional special guests, are happy to answer any questions you have about TaxCoach strategies or features, or just talk tax planning philosophy and marketing. Maybe even a little baseball and pop culture — you never know! Either way, these calls are an outstanding opportunity to clarify concepts in your own mind, and to hear what your TaxCoach peers are thinking, and doing, and how they’re succeeding!

Bonus #6: Monthly Mailed Newsletter

Finally, you’ll get our monthly TaxCoach Lineup, mailed directly to your office. The Lineup offers an in-depth analysis of one or more marketing topics, as well as highlights of key articles from recent Briefs, upcoming events, special announcements, etc.

“It has been very easy to get existing clients to pony up for a plan. I just tell them that I have some ideas which I think could save them a lot of money and do they want me to take a look to see what I can do. Naturally, they say okay. I call them back with a teaser of saving thousands of dollars and during that conversation I tell them that the cost of the plan will be $750. So far I have delivered 10 plans and have yet to have anyone say no. Of course, not all of my tax clients can be helped but almost all of my write-up clients can be assisted.”
Bill Zumwalt, CPA
Tulsa, OK

“What a team you are, I am so impressed! First my emails are answered immediately, and then I get a phone call to clarify the answer to my question even further. Thank you so much — it’s not often one gets such great service.”
Nadine Malpas, EA
Alpine, UT

“I really like the system. It fits right into what we do as a tax and financial planning firm.”
Jim Cantwell, CPA
Silver Spring, MD

“I want to focus more on the clients that TaxCoach was designed for. I am sold on TaxCoach and will always use it.”
Roger Hourihan
Liberty, NY

No-Risk Trial

By now you’re probably worried about how much all this costs. After all, comprehensive tax-prep suites cost at least $1,000, and in some cases more than ten times that. And that just gets you in the game. No pro-active planning. No Marketing Guide. No seminar kits. No client alerts.

You’ll be pleased to discover that TaxCoach™ guards your marketing dollars as jealously as it guards your clients’ taxes.

  • A single-user membership costs just $89 per month, billed automatically to your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card. Generate as many plans as you like for the same all-inclusive fee. That’s just $2.87 per day for the most powerful new business development tool available. You can’t buy a decent cup of coffee for that little.
  • Multiple-user licenses are available at a discount. Call us at (513) 321-2820 or send us an email (click here) with your request, and we’ll contact you to discuss pricing.
  • Elite programs are also available, offering advanced levels of service and access. Click here for more information.

Try TaxCoach for 30 days with no risk! If you’re not convinced that TaxCoach is the “secret weapon” you need to build your business, contact us within 30 days for a full refund of your first month’s membership (new subscribers only). You can’t lose!

And there’s no long-term commitment — you can cancel anytime.

“Bottom line recommendation: Give TaxCoach a spin.”
Greg LaFollette, Executive Editor,
CPA Technology Advisor


How many new clients do you need to attract to justify your investment? You can pay for an entire year’s membership with a single client. But don’t think in terms of recouping your investment. Think of multiplying it by dozens or even hundreds of times. There’s just nothing else like TaxCoach.

There’s no software to install.TaxCoach is a web-based application. This lets us update content and add features instantly, without annoying CD-ROM mailings and frustrating software installations, or upgrades to your PC.

You can access TaxCoach from any computer with an internet connection. Draft a plan at home tonight, then print it from your office tomorrow.

Your client files are secure. We don’t collect Social Security numbers or client credit data, and financial privacy laws strictly prohibit us from disclosing any client information. We pledge never to contact your clients directly. Click here for our complete [privacy policy]

Click below to activate your no-risk trial via our secure server. In less time than it took to read this letter, you’ll have access to a complete system to build your business, your fees, and your referrals. Save your clients a fortune and have them sing your praises.

Are you serious about growing your business? Then how can you say no? Try it today, and soon you’ll need some TaxCoach strategies for yourself!





Edward A. Lyon, JD